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Our Story

We created MT EVERFIT to help people and we love doing it! What good is a business if you aren't making a positive impact in other people's lives?

the mt everfit difference

My name is Dan Barker and I am the owner of MT EVERFIT. I created MT EVERFIT fitness sandbags because I wanted something that would actually outlast my intense workouts. Every fitness sandbag on the market would fall apart after a few weeks of use. I thought to myself, I could create a better product because I know fitness!

Having played sports growing up and working out my entire life, health and fitness was a part of me. Having Covid hit, it really took its toll on me mentally. Having no gym was really tough for all of us fitness freaks. I found workout sandbags and figured I could create a higher quality bag that would last.

& that is what I did. I got in the best shape of my life using the fitness sandbags I developed & now I am hoping I can help do the same for you.

To your health, Dan Barker - Owner MT EVERFIT
workout sandbag weights for home gym

MT Everfit Fitness Sandbags Are BUilt By Fitness Freaks!

Other fitness sandbags are built with cheap construction, cheap materials & no actual support. MT EVERFIT workout sandbags are built with the most durable, military-grade material. & Having used many different bags on the market, I made sure that MT EVERFIT sandbags will outlast ANY workout. Whether you are just getting into fitness, or are a hardcore crossfitter, we know this will be the only fitness product you will ever need. Guaranteed! - Dan B, Owner MT EVERFIT

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