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We created MT EVERFIT to help people and we love doing it! What good is a business if you aren't making a positive impact in other people's lives?

It really depends on what your goals are and what strength level you are at currently. I suggest if you are just getting started, our base MT EVERFIT Sandbag will be the perfect choice as it holds 20-60 pounds and will give you the best sandbag workouts, at a fraction of the price. Our medium sized fitness sandbag will hold 30-90 pounds of sand. It is a great option for those who want to pack on muscle and lose some weight and don't mind spending a few more bucks. For more experience lifters, our peak Sandbag holds up to to 120 pounds and will be enough for serious gains! Note that each sandbag comes with a FREE kettlebag.

We typically try and ship our sandbags out the same day. However, if you order after 2pm, we cannot guarantee that they will ship out that day. If we cannot ship it out that day, we will surely ship out your workout sandbag the next day. If you have any questions, you can contact us at support@MTEVERFIT.com.

Don't worry! Our MT EVERFIT bags are super easy to use and each order will come with instructions on how to fill up your bags with sand. We also have videos on our video resource section showing you step by step on how to use your new sandbag.
For each fitness sandbag purchase, here is what is included with your order: - 3 filler bags (unless you order the 120 pound bag, there will be 4 filler bags). - Main fitness sandbag - Step by step instructions on how to use - FREE Kettlebag ($40 value) - 60 day money-back guarantee - 1 year warranty
Hey, things happen! While it is rare that your MT EVERFIT Sandbag will tear, we got you covered! Simply contact us at support@MTEVERFIT and send us images of your bag and we will ship you out a totally new workout sandbag.
Each order will come with either a 20, 40, or 60 pound kettlebag. Small Fitness Sandbag (20=60LB) comes with 20LB kettlebag. Medium Fitness Sandbag (30-90LB) comes with 40LB Kettlebag. Large Fitness Sandbag (60-120LB) comes with a 60LB Kettlebag.