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Why Fitness Sandbags Trump Traditional Weights

Sandbags Vs. Traditional Weights

While there are some similarities between traditional weights and fitness sandbags, there are a few major differences.  While, there are pros and cons of both, having worked out for over 15 years, I have found that fitness sandbags give me a much better overall workout where I can burn more calories and build more definition compared to traditional weights.  
Here are a few benefits of using fitness sandbags over traditional weights.

  • Fitness sandbags cost under $100 while traditional weights can cost thousands - For the cost of 2 months of a gym membership could get you a fitness sandbag that will last for years.  And everything you can do in a gym you can do at home with a sandbag.  No driving to the gym, no annoying people staring you down & no sweaty covid worries.  A fitness sandbag is LITERALLY the only workout equipment you will ever need.
  • Fitness sandbags can be used anywhere - When I first created MT EVERFIT, I was traveling to Costa Rica almost every few months.  I work out daily and I was having a hard time traveling and not being able to workout.  After I created MT EVERFIT sandbags, I loved traveling and working out.  I could find sand anywhere I was at and even used dirt if I could not find any sand.  I also used my sandbag as a travel bag.
  • Anyone can use a fitness sandbagfitness sandbags
  • No need for a gym - This is obvious but figured it would be good to mention it.  I loved going to the gym but once Covid hit, I started working out outside with my fitness sandbag.  Bringing my dog, being in the sun & having my own little outdoor gym was the best thing that happened to me.  I don’t think I will ever go back.  I mean, why would I!
        • Fitness sandbags offer a more natural, unstable environment that promotes fat burn and muscle growth - Think of our ancestors.  They didn't have dumbbells.  They didn’t have any weights.  They just carried heavy shit!  & they were ripped doing it.  & that is basically what fitness sandbags are.  They are heavy things with durable handles designed to lift.  The sand is distributed throughout the bag instead of being focused on both sides.  This helps our body use all muscles to stabilize. 

        Here are a few cons of fitness sandbags compared to traditional weights. 

        • You will have to load and unload weight - While it isn’t that much of a big deal, you will have to remove sand or load sand to get your desired weight.  Where traditional weights are already measured out and loaded.  I never found this to be a major issue especially if you have the inner bags already filled.  Let’s say you want to remove some weight.  Instead of removing sand out of the inner bags, simply remove the inner bag from the main bag to drop 30 LBS.
        • You are limited on what you can do with a sandbag - While there are limits to every piece of workout equipment, there are more limitations to a sandbag.  However, that is why we offer a kettlebell sandbag with each order.  The kettlebell sandbag will allow you to do everything a traditional weight would do.  We found it is the perfect combination for a sandbag fitness workout. 
        • It might find it takes time to get use to working out with a sandbag - Hey, it is a relatively new product and it might take some time getting use to especially if you have been working out in gyms your whole life using traditional weights.  Take it from me… It only took me a few workout sessions to get use to it.  And a lot of the workouts you can do with traditional weights, you can also do with a workout sandbag.  You can also check out our video instruction page and fitness poster that is included in each order to get you started on your sandbag workout journey. 
        •  There aren’t as many instructional videos on using fitness sandbags compared to traditional weights - A simple search for traditional weight training will yield thousands of different workouts, however searching for sandbag fitness workouts will yield only a few dozen.  I think this is due to the fact that fitness sandbag training is still new and due to covid, more and more people are looking for options outside of a regular gym with regular weight training.  

        Overall, weight training is good and you can definitely burn fat and gain muscle.  But, if you are like me and you get bored fast, a fitness sandbag offers so many more workouts and with years of doing traditional weights, I feel my body has adapted to all the traditional workouts.  Fitness sandbags really challenge my body to grow. 

        I find that we over complicate our workouts most of the time.  All we really need is a good set of fitness sandbags, some good workout attire and the desire to make some changes.  A tool is only as good as the one who is putting it to use.  

        You can see my transformation from traditional workouts in a gym, to using a fitness sandbag, a battle rope & body weight.  

        Who would have known someone could go from 15% body fat to 6% bodyfat within a matter of months using fitness sandbags and eating right.

        To your health,

        Dan B. 

        Owner - MT EVERFIT