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What’s in My Gym Bag

Let’s dive into the scenario and checklist all the items required for a workout. Be it for pre-workout, post-workout, or while hitting the gym on a high note, it will be your perfect partner. So let’s dive into the gym bag:

  • Headphones: They are not just for showing off in the gym but also motivate you for a better workout. Be it over the ear or monopods, don’t forget to pack it in your bag.
  • Sneakers: They are an essential part of your workout routine and you just can’t afford to forget them at home. Pack your sneakers right away and yes do carry a pair of extra socks as they could be needed anytime!
  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated over the workout is a prerequisite you can’t dare to leap over. Keep a reusable water bottle with you as it helps to keep our environment safe.
  • Gym clothes: You just can’t sweat out in your casual wear and get those starry looks. Do you? Well, certainly not! Keep up the clothes in a separate compartment of your gym bag and do not forget them.
  • Shampoo: Got a meeting to attend? Just keep a dry shampoo with you and you are done with your hairs. It will add volume and make your hairs look sweat-free.
  • Cleansing wipes: Post-workout you would not gonna like your face to sweat heavily and the wipes would come to your rescue. Keep a pack of wipes in your bag and use them after a heavy workout session.
  • Deodorants: Pretty understandable, nobody would like to come near a smelly person. Just use your deodorants before and after the workout sessions to keep bacteria away.
  • Shower necessities: If you are the one who likes to have a quick shower after the workout then you can’t afford to forget your kit. Pack your essentials to have a clean after look.
  • Towel: We all sweat while working in the gym. Some have active glands while some sweat a little less. Keeping a microfiber towel will add to your look so remember to pack it in your bag.
  • Snack: After the workout, it is also a choice of people to have some light protein snacks. Be it your favorite fruit or a high protein bar, make sure you keep it before setting off to the gym.
  • Portable charger: Forget your worries about a discharged phone and let your mind concentrate on the workout sessions.

These are my personal recommendations of what a gym bag should like if you don’t want the hassle of burning your pocket in the gym. The list could be modified based upon personal requirements. But wait. What if you don’t have to pack all products? What if you get to work at your home? The sandbag workout bag is your answer! It gives you a stylish look and could be used in every exercise. The kettlebell set helps adjust the weight and pave your way to a healthier journey. Make sure that you are motivated and hydrated for a perfect start to your life.