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What Makes MT EVERFIT Better Than The “Others”?

I know, everyone is going to say they have the best product that lasts forever and say how they are better than the rest.  Everyone wants your business right?  

However, I think there is a difference between a product that actually solves a problem and a product that is there to just sell you.  Don’t worry I won’t sell you.  In fact, I don’t think I need to.  I created MT EVERFIT out of the own need for a fitness workout sandbag that actually worked the way I wanted and could withstand my workouts.  fitness workout sandbag

I wasn’t just trying to make money.  I wasn’t just trying to sell any old product.  I was doing it for myself at first because all the products on the market were garbage.  They were clearly being designed by people who had no skin in the game, meaning they probably never worked out a day in their life.  How can someone who doesn’t work out or have any desire to workout, create a fitness product?  I mean they could but how good is the quality going to be?  

Anyways, enough of that nonsense.  Here are the reasons why going with MT EVERFIT Fitness Sandbags will be the right choice over the nonsense products created by non-fitness people. 

FREE Kettlebell Sandbag

While our main fitness sandbags are more than enough, I always like going above and beyond trying to find ways to even improve my workouts.  And the kettlebell sandbag does just that by offering a more unique of working out using sandbags.  While the kettlebell sandbag alone probably wouldn’t be enough to get the most intense workouts, by grouping it with the main sandbag, you get such a better workout. 

8 Thick Foam Strategically Placed Handles

The more handles means the more workouts you can do.  We placed them in all the right spots so you can do the exact same workouts as you would with a barbell or dumbbell.  We added extra foam to the handles to ensure that your wrists and hands were not going to ache.  I added this because I noticed on previous sandbags, the handles lacked almost any foam whatsoever.  My wrists started aching and I had to stop my workouts early. 

Waterproof Military-Grade Cordura

While there are other companies that use Cordura, we are the ONLY company to use 1050 cordura.  Other companies use just 1000 Cordura.  1050 cordura is even thicker and more durable but costs a lot more money.  I thought it was worth it to make our fitness sandbags that much better, meaning they will last that much longer. 

Inner Lining On Both Inner Bags

Again, we are the only company to have inner lining on both inner sandbags and the main fitness sandbag.  Heck, we even added inner lining on our kettlebell.  The reason for this was that once you rip a tiny whole in the cordura fabric, there is nothing left to save the sand from leaking out.  This way you have double the protection!   The inner lining will keep the sand inside the inner bag and if for some reason that leaked, the main bag has inner lining ensuring that no sand will ever leak. 

3 Or 4 Inner Bags For Loading & Dropsets

Some companies have only 2 bags to fill sand.  We added 3 bags to ensure you can load and dropset.  If you order the 125-200 LB fitness sandbag, 4 inner bags are included.  Again, the inner bags are lined with nylon lining.

Double Velcro Closure To Prevent Sand Leakage

Double Velcro closure makes sure that the inner bags are sealed tightly.  This makes it almost virtually impossible for the sand to leak out the top as there are two closures of Velcro.  

High Quality zipper

I noticed some fitness sandbag companies were using cheap zippers to save a few extra bucks.  So, I decided to get the highest quality zipper so there would never be an issue zipping up your bag. 

32 Rivets  & Triple Stitching

If inner lining, double velcro and 1050 cordura wasn’t enough, I decided I wanted to go overboard and add 32 metal rivets and triple stitching to ensure no seems would ever come undone.  Basically, the metal rivets hold in the stitching in case for some crazy reason, the triple stitching came undone, which would never happen!


We love fitness and we know fitness.  We are in it for the long haul building a business around supporting our customers is what makes us different.  We know what it takes to make our customers happy because we were those customers at one point. 

Let us prove it to you!

Designed By Fitness Freaks

As I mentioned above, companies who don’t know fitness are not going to be able to offer the right support or create the right fitness product because they don’t use the product themselves.  I am a fitness freak.  I live and breathe fitness.  I have spent my entire life trying to find the right workouts, the right diet and building the best body I could!  With all the ups and downs, I know what our customers face when jumping on their fitness journey. 

Warranty & Guarantee

We have so much confidence in our products that we can guarantee that you will love your new fitness sandbag or we will replace it for FREE!  We will give you 60 days to try your bag and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, simply send it back and we will refund you right on the spot. 

& we know our bags will last and that is why we are offering a 1 year warranty.  If anything happens to your bag within 1 year, simply reach out to support and we will send you out a brand new fitness sandbag.  

We hope you make the right choice.

To your health,

Dan Barker