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The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear for Beginners

As we are moving to the generation of people who have most of the work in offices, our body tends to need some sort of exercises to be in shape. Be it a walk early morning down the road or hitting the gym for an hour, we need to work out regularly. But if you are a beginner and want to learn the whereabouts of keeping yourself fit then you have landed at the right place. This article will walk you through the essentials needed to achieve your goal. 

Let’s learn about some basic set of exercises that will keep you going!

  1. Repetitions – Also known as “rep”, which means one repetition (or maybe many is a set) of a specific workout that you fully complete. Such as touching your knees with your hand with slow breathing.
  2. Sets – It is defined as a group of reps together e.g. performing 15 push-ups.
  3. Circuit – The consecutive sets performed at a time are termed as a circuit e.g. 10 push-ups, 15 pull-ups & 10 crunches will together group as a circuit.
  4. High-Intensity Interval Training – It is a type of interval workout, a cardio workout strategy that alternates short span of intense anaerobic workout with less-intense recovery time. The process continues until completely exhausted or tired.
  5. DOMS – Delayed onset muscle soreness occurs after performing a hard workout. The intense workouts are a cause for sprain and tearing of muscles to the contrary doms prevail when muscles are being repaired as they grow stronger.
  6. Resting day – After a week of exercise, it gets important to take proper rest so that the muscles recover.

There are varied types of exercises ranging from cardiovascular to isolation and aerobic to anaerobic differing from person to person. The person should at first analyze the goal of his workout, it could be a journey to lose the excess fat or building out strength and muscles. There should be a proper routine following the exercises with the proper intake of calories and water. The key to achieving a long-term fitness goal is being motivated. Your hard work should reap out the results if this is your first time working at home.

This is just an overview of how your daily routine would fall back once you start working on yourself. What if we say that all of your exercises could be done at your home and you could carry them out with yourself? Shocked? Breaking in your surprise we present you with a sandbag capable of providing all of the exercises which were meant to be done at the gym. It contains a Fitness Sandbag, 3 Inner Filler Bags, 1 Kettle Bag Sandbag, and lifetime support. You could carry it out to your park, backyard or even to a friend’s place. 

As people are advised to stay indoors, it would make you feel miserable.  A positive outlook would be to discover exercises and experience new things as the adrenaline rush inside your body will keep you working!