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The Best Fitness Apps of 2018

Many of us want to have a fit body but it is not so easy to achieve. Luckily, there are help available in the form of various apps. Both iTunes and Android Play Store are filled with fitness and health apps, varying from online fitness instructor to calories counters.

To help achieve your fitness goal below we’ve listed the top 7 best fitness apps of 2018.

  • Sworkit: This application is specifically designed for individuals who are intrigued by the people working at the gym. The interface has thorough video tutorials for performing the set of exercises for as low as 5 minutes. Users can purchase the subscription of the app after the free trial and use all of the features such as unique fitness plans catering to different body types.
  • Sweatcoin: As the name refers to coins, it provides a lucrative option to walk and earn sweatcoins in the app. The users could then purchase goodies from numerous websites listed. The app has taken the US and UK play store by storm even surpassing the downloads of WhatsApp Messenger. 
  • One you couch to 5K: This application is designed for quite new people to the fitness journey. It blends running and walking and has an option to choose for the trainer through which they can be guided on their path. The application’s reward program sets it apart from its competitors.
  • My Fitness Pal: This app is your place for counting the calories from the food you are intaking. It boasts a huge database of food from all the cuisines, allowing users to track the report accordingly. It allows you to add your exercises for an accurate calorie intake.
  • Zombies, Run!: Tires of the same old routine? Try this app as it sees you as a hero, clearing his/her way out of the zombies. The audio effects are tremendous and give a feel of a zombie near you. It encourages users for a run thereby signifying its use.
  • Daily burn: The app is perfect for people who prefer visuals. The library spans a wide range of videos from dance to yoga and high cardio exercises. For motivation, users as well can share the journey of being a fit person through various platforms.
  • Aaptiv: This is for the people who have a keen interest in listening to podcasts as it has a wide range of audio classes. It offers customized as well as pre-timed music workouts. The download feature helps users to work out even without a working Internet connection.

The main motive for the fitness fanatic is the goal he/she aspiring for. It requires a constant flow of enthusiasm and handy equipment to perform a set of exercises. A sandbag would be perfect for the people who are performing exercises at home. It comes with a kettle bag adapting to the needs of the particular exercise. It is made up of fine quality material and gives out a premium look while using. Lastly, the key to a fitter you is consistency and following a routine suiting your needs.