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Stretching Before Sandbag Workouts

While I feel that using a fitness sandbag is more natural for the body than lifting traditional weights, before you begin lifting you still really need to stretch to avoid any potential injuries that could set you back months of progress.  

Having said the obvious, here are some stretches that I do before my workouts.  

Dynamic Stretching

Before you get going, your body needs some warm ups.  Typically, I like to do dynamic stretching for about 10 minutes before I start lifting.  I will take my preworkout or coffee and move my arms back and forth, making sure all my joints are warmed up.  

Some good dynamic stretches include:

  • Side shuffle
  • Walking knee to chest
  • Straight leg kick
  • Power skip

In our video resource section you can find step by step instructions on performing these stretches before a sandbag workout session. 

Static Stretching 

This is a good stretching technique I use for after my workouts.  It helps keep your body from becoming sore and also will help the healing process which will make you ready to start lifting the next day.  

Some good static stretches include:

  • Overhead triceps stretch which is good for doing any tricep movements.
  • Biceps stretch which will allow you to lift heavier weight when using your kettlebag or main fitness sandbag
  • Seated butterfly stretch which is perfect before doing lunches
  • Head to knee pose is perfect for lower back and hamstrings

While a simple google search can give you more ideas, these are some general dynamic and static stretches that help me prepare for an intense sandbag workout routine.

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To your health,

Dan Barker