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Save vs. Splurge: Which Fitness Gear Is Worth Investing In

Keeping yourself fit and healthy could surely burn your pocket yet when it comes to comfort, you should not neglect it. Be it keeping up with quality sneakers to a proper bra, the key to a better workout journey is to invest in the right fitness gear. After thorough research, we came off with a list guiding you step by step where to save your pennies. 

  1. Shoes: As soon as you get up, you need something right under your foot to keep you going. Investing in quality sneakers for your workout is important to keep up with your comfort as well as saving yourself from leg and back injuries. 
  2. Sports Bra: Women working out need to find a perfect fit sports bra else it will lead to a greater amount of discomfort. Check for a bra having fit cup size, adjustable straps to keep you going.
  3. T-shirts: Go out to find a polyester or nylon t-shirt near your store without looking out for a brand. It will save you some bucks from spending money on expensive brands which don’t last long.
  4. Socks: Running on your mind? Go for sweat-soaking socks or else you will end up having blisters on your foot. A cheap pair of socks would also do the work for your workout sessions and would save money.
  5. Jackets: This is for people residing in cold climatic conditions. If you are not one, skip to the next section. Invest in a proper jacket which will help regulate the temperature when you sweat as the wind could possibly give you a chill. Look for a wind-resistant jacket as your normal pullover can’t serve the purpose right.
  6. Leggings: Invest is what we would say. A good pair of leggings will help you in high-intensity workouts, wicking away sweat and maintaining a cool look during exercises.
  7. Fitness Trackers: If you only want to have a count of steps then there are apps fulfilling your purpose without spending a buck. But if you want to monitor your heartbeat, calories, or sleep then invest in an activity tracker.
  8. Kettlebell: This would be perfect for an investment as the kettlebell sandbag has adjustable weights. Be it any exercise and you would require it definitely. Moreover, it is cheap and would definitely not cost a fortune. 
  9. Workout Sandbag: Keeping a workout sandbag is an investment done right. Be it a forward lunge or push-ups it will be with you on your workout journey.

You always have an option for skipping one or two options and using it yourself accordingly. Remember the list could even extend out more but these are what we feel as essentials and necessary to act upon. A thing or two here and there is totally okay. Concluding the blog we would like to say to keep your aim high, research for the products you want to buy, and work hard on your fitter journey!