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My Favorite Workout Routine

This post would be very interesting because I would be telling you about my favorite workout routine. I would be giving you the same response I gave some weeks ago when I was asked “What is your favorite workout?” So, sit back and read on to learn more about what workout routine I like to do.

To develop my ultimate workout routine, I tried various types of workouts and now want to share my current workout routine with you. My workout routine is very flexible and can be combined with a gym or not. If you share similar fitness goals with me, then you might find my workout routine to be a good starting point.

The goal of my workout routine is to be healthy, strong, and mobile. So I broke the goals into six major areas, which are balance, coordination, core strength, endurance, mobility, and strength.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training is my favorite workout routine. I found HIIT a perfect workout to increase my endurance. HIIT involves alternating between high and low-intensity exercises during the workout session – for instance, running and light jogging.

One reason why I love HIIT is that even in shorter sessions, HIIT is still more effective in burning calories and providing cardiovascular health benefits than usual workouts. HIIT helps to improve my muscles’ ability to efficiently use oxygen than other standard endurance training.

During my workout routine, I mostly alternate between 10secs of high-intensity activity and 20secs of low- to medium-intensity activity for 20mins to 40mins. Just like my usual practice, you too can do this outdoors while running or cycling, or indoor while using a treadmill or stationary bike, or with any other exercise.

Another workout routine I like doing is yoga. Yoga helps to enhance my core strength, mindfulness, meditation, balance, and mobility. I like yoga because it combines several aspects needed to achieve athleticism.

I sometimes practice strength training – that’s whenever I’m at the gym. This helps me build my muscle and strength. Mind you, strength training can be achieved by simple dumbbells, gym equipment, or bodyweight workouts.


If we are at the same pace, then you can try my favorite workout routine above and I bet it’ll work for you too – just as it did for me. However, with all these efforts, don’t forget that you can’t out-train a bad diet, though everyone has different nutritional needs and circumstances.

However, if you’re a beginner, you should keep it simple at first. Try as much as possible to eat enough protein and drink plenty of water. Reduce your sugar consumption and eat less processed foods as much as you can

Lastly, when following my HIIT workout routine (such as using a fitness sandbag), make sure you listen to your body all the time. Know when is the best time for you to take a break or when to reduce the intensity of a workout.

Remember, the goal of your workout routine is to improve your body fitness and overall lifestyle, and not to hurt your body. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes.