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My Favorite Fitness Websites for Inspiration

If you’re obsessed with any particular personality, product or a concept, it’s only natural that you look for every resource/article related to it, absorb it and anxiously wait for any new update on that matter. It consumes your mind constantly, and it goes to follow that you’ll be heavily inspired by the people involved in the same activities.

However, it is very uncommon for people to be obsessed with their fitness in this busy day and age, making it uncommon for people to hound the personalities on social media that keep up religiously with their fitness. This article is for the few fanatics who love to keep up with their fitness, and constantly turn online to seek inspiration and motivation. Such resources are also very lucrative for the beginners.

Below are the five of my favorite fitness websites -

  1. CrossFit: It is a website for fitness fanatics of all levels; from beginners to the experienced. It provides exercises and diet programs tailored to each individual’s set goals and requirements. Every day it gives new workouts for its users. You are also integrated into a community of like-minded individuals who support you and motivate you to reach your goals.
  2. Planet Fitness: This website promises to tailor a fitness regime according to your available time and current level. It prides itself on the fact that it inculcates a non-judgmental environment for all its users to reach their fitness goals, and offer their services at the low, low price of $10/month, and also comes in the form of mobile apps.
  • Livestrong: The unique thing about this website is that it focuses on reforming lifestyles. It tailors a fitness regime suited to your current level, and also improves your eating habits. It also works on managing weight, and focuses on reforming habits to live a healthy and productive life.
  1. Muscle and Fitness: This website is unique as it connects you with your favorite celebrities. It does suggest exercises for you, but it also shares your favorite celebrity’s workouts to keep you motivated. It shares information from their workout to their diet, to their lifestyle in general. It also shares pro-tips from famous athletes to help you reach your desired level of fitness much quickly. Overall, it gives a complete package for your workout, and keeps you motivated to hustle on.
  2. T-nation: It is credited as the most hardcore website for muscle development. It focuses on building muscular and lean bodies, and suggest diet and supplements according to that. The exercises are tough, and aim to cut down body fat drastically.

These are a few of many websites that impart knowledge on the body and help you reach your goals. Let the fitness freak in you dive deep and extract motivation from these wonderful websites. People also look to do weight training at home for muscular development. For this purpose, sandbags are recommended, as they last longer and you can still achieve your goal. There is little worry of wear in them, and they can be used for multiple exercises.