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Say Hello To Your Newest Workout!

We are finally live!  What started as a personal pursuit for a better workout, quickly turned into building a business and a better fitness sandbag.  

Hi, my name is Dan and I am the owner of MT EVERFIT.  During Covid I was stuck at home with no workout equipment.  I am a hyper individual with lots of energy.  I need to move and without being able to workout, I was literally going crazy!

So, I decided to look on Amazon for fitness products.  I had tried bands but I never felt like I could get a decent workout using bands.  Pushups and pullups were getting boring. Eventually, I stumbled on something.  I had never seen or heard of it.  Workout sandbags.fitness sandbags

It made sense.  Why buy a bunch of weight sets when you could easily get sand at your local hardware store or beach, and put it inside a bag.  You don't need to buy individual weights and you could easily load or decrease the weight.

I knew this was a product that I would be using for a long time.  It just made so much sense in my fitness mind. So, I gave it a try.

First day using this random fitness sandbag from Amazon, and guess what happened?  It ripped!  I was literally doing simple bicep curls and the thing ripped!  I was so pissed.  What a rip off!

So I went looking for another bag.  Found a better one.  I loved during the workouts with my bag, but after another few weeks, this one ripped too!  Ugh, how frustrating.  

Then it occurred to me...  I could create a better sandbag.  I had a feeling that the people that were selling these sandbags were not actually using them, because if they were using them they would know that they need more reinforcement.

So, I spent the 8 months developing the most rugged and high quality fitness sandbag on the market.  I tested it.  Went back to the drawing board and tested it again.  I made sure that this bag would not rip.  

Finally, after months of testing and literally 100's of workouts, I finally have created the final masterpiece.  

I really hope that you can test it out and see for yourself.  I guarantee that it will outlast any of your workouts.  Give it a try today!