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Motivate Yourself To Run On A Rainy Day

Running is one of the best ways to start off your fitness journey. It’s like an all-around exercise where your body starts getting in overall shape. You start to lose weight, your muscles start to tone up, your body starts to get in shape, your muscles become more prominent. You become less prone to heart-related diseases and illnesses. Mentally you start to be more alert and your day feels more productive. There are so many more pros to running, but all it requires is consistency.

Let’s say you keep your habit up on normal days of sunshine. But in a year, there are days when it rains, hails or snows (depending on where you live), what is your solution to that? In some places, it rains for days but by then, the damage is done. You’ve lost that stamina you worked so hard to build, which means you’ve lost your motivation and then you quit running overall.

But how do the few people, the ones whom we consider mad, keep going about it? Well, this post has come up with a few tips and tricks to keep you motivated on those days and keep you on your toes to reach your fitness goals.

No Cotton

Your comfort is most important at this stage, and for that, DITCH THE COTTON. It is preferred that you get polyester instead, as it’ll help you run in the cold and damp. Cotton gets all soggy in the rain and makes you feel miserable. Get polyester, and you’ll not feel the water. You’ll also be protected from the cold winds chilling your damp shirt.


Yes, you read that right. Wear a hat when you go out to run in the rain. It’ll not keep your head dry, but it’ll also protect your eyes. Don’t wear just any other cap, wear a baseball cap. That way, you’ll feel much better while running.


That’s right the most important thing is your mindset. You may have the equipment to suit the weather, but without your will to do anything, they’ll be useless. You may get used to running in sunny days, but whenever it rains, take it up as a challenge. Go outside and rain slowly. Force yourself, or better yet keep a partner to drag you to the ground. When you’ll brave that challenge, you’ll be preventing countless days of lost training. You’ll get overcome your excuse, and you’ll more likely reach your fitness goals.

For those who can afford it, a treadmill is a viable alternative for rainy days. But running in the great outdoors is a different experience altogether, one that cannot be matched by a treadmill. The ups, the lows, the change of scenery, the sounds that you hear. It is an enjoyable experience and can be made more stimulating if you just overcome that mental barrier. Even if you can not manage to go outdoors, you may grab a workout sandbag and try working out on your balcony and enjoy the rain as well.