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How to Work Out in Your Garden

Did you know you can turn your gardening into a reasonable workout? Yes! Planting, weeding, watering, pruning, and other things you do in your garden can help bring physical activity into your day.

Working in your garden can do great wonders for your fitness and health – without you visiting the gym or spending a dime on the fitness equipment. Do you want to get fit working in your garden? Here is how to work out in your garden. Read on.

  1. Mowing The Lawn

Did you know that you can burn about 175 calories by mowing the lawn for 30 minutes? If your lawnmower doesn't collect the cuttings, then you would burn another 125 calories by raking up the grasses for half an hour. Everything you do on the lawn counts.

  1. Digging the Ground

Digging the soil in your garden for 30 minutes burns 300 calories. Digging the ground is a great cardio-activity. You’ll burn more calories if your garden has a hard ground or heavy clay soil.

To burn more calories, keep digging at a steady pace without taking a break.

  1. Weeding

Weeding doesn’t only get rid of unwanted plants but also get rid of unwanted calories. Weeding for an hour alone can help you burn off 80 calories. Why don’t you ditch the weed killer and do the weeding it yourself?

Weeding is relatively cheaper, is not toxic and won’t leave any chemical residue, and ultimately, it will burn about 80 calories per hour. However, you need to be careful when weeding as weeding can create stressed posture and sore bodies.

  1. Watering

Another workout in the garden that is good for your health is watering. Watering seems like just adding water to plants to make them survive but watering goes beyond that. It can also help to remove about 61 calories from your body.

In general, trimming shrubs would remove 182 calories, raking – 125 calories, bagging leaves – 162, planting seedlings – 162, planting trees – 182, laying sod – 202, general gardening – 202, and so on.

Note that these figures are subjective and depend largely on the size of your garden, the soil of your garden, and what plants you have in your garden.


Just like physical exercises, working in the garden would find those muscles that you don't use too often. Workouts in the garden can also help women who want to protect themselves from osteoporosis.

However, make sure you prepare your bodies before and after the gardening. Reduce muscle stiffness and potential suffering that may occur the next day by having a shower or hot bath shower after the workout in the garden. To effectively track your process, why not use an activity tracker like Fitbit.

Another way to stay protected is to wear a hat, use sunscreen, and cover your neck if you would be gardening in the bright sunlight. Put on light clothes with light colors that won't absorb the heat. Put on sturdy shoes that can protect your feet. Stay away from hornets’ or wasps’ nests and ensure you stay well-hydrated by keeping a bottle of water.