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How to Create a Fitness Plan to Lose Weight

In ordinary busy life, it is quite difficult to keep track of how much your intake is. Keeping up with your fitness is a whole other question in this scenario. As an adult, I think we can all agree that 24 hours are very little to accomplish all that we set out to in a day and also get a good night’s sleep.
What this requires are some drastic changes in your life, to accommodate fitness. You need to plan out a certain routine to bring in fitness in your life, whether it’s every day or some days a week. We have come up with some tips to help you come up with an effective workout plan, a plan that is doable and can fit right into your busy schedule. Of course, it also includes coming with an effective diet.

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If you’re working on your terms, a job where you dictate your schedule, then it’s highly recommended that you fit at least an hour of the gym in your schedule, at least thrice a week.
But if you’re working on a tight schedule, most likely a 9-5, a short, effective workout is recommended. Running and yoga are the two most effective workouts that you can fit into a short time frame. A 45-minute run or yoga session is very beneficial. By waking up 30 minutes before your usual time in the morning, you can spend time on these activities. Not only will you be fresh before a hard day’s work, but you will have already accomplished the first task of the day, which will instill the feeling of achievement. It’ll enable you to work positively throughout the day.
On your days off, it is recommended that you take up a sport that you like. You can spend more time exercising and exert yourself without any fear of affecting productivity. Go for a sport like a tennis, or just use this day to workout at the gym.
With effective time management, you can fit in basic workout regimes to keep yourself fit. Keep one day to exert yourself to the maximum.
Your aim while designing your workout routine is to have a productive day ahead. 30 minutes in the morning towards exercising is perfect for you to have a fresh start while also stimulating muscle growth and overall fitness.
After fitting in workouts in your routine, watching over your food intake is also very important. Ensure that you are getting enough proteins, vitamins and important fibres. Add more fruits in your fridge than more potato chips and other unhealthy biscuits. Ditch the chocolate shakes that you have, and take up more fruit drinks. Have vegetables once in a while. Reduce eating out, and eat healthier options at home.
Cutting out sugar is also essential for reaching your fitness. Processed sugar is one of the main reasons behind inflated bellies and other health concerns such as diabetes and clogged arteries. Minimize their use, or cut it down entirely. Instead use jaggery, as it's from raw cane sugar and is a much better option.