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How To Burn Fat With Kettlebell Sandbag Training!

The kettlebell sandbag is one of my favorite fitness sandbag products!  It allows you to do anything a normal kettlebell could do but at a fraction of the price and you don’t need to buy a whole set of them. 

You can easily load sand or remove sand with ease and you have yourself a whole set of different adjustable kettlebell weights.  With that said, here are a few different kettlebell sandbag workouts that I love!

Kettlebell Throws & Swingskettlebell fitness sandbag

This is my favorite workout of all time!  I love doing a basic kettlebell swing but launching the sandbag into the air and catching it right before it starts falling back down.  This workout incorporates your arms, your abs, your legs, and also your chest.  It is a great workout for building muscle and burning fat as it is technically a high intensity interval training workout. 

Bicep Curls

Kettlebell curls are perfect for isolating one bicep and curling the weight.  While you can do it with the main sandbag, single arm kettlebell curls are fun and a great way for toning your biceps. 

Triceps Extensions

Just like the bicep curls, single arm tricep curls using the kettlebell are great for isolating your triceps.  Typically, I will do a bicep curl with one arm, then quickly move to triceps for a full body workout routine. 

Russian Ab Twists

Just like you would use a medicine ball, a kettlebell sandbag is perfect for this type of workout.  Hold it like a ball with your legs at a 90 degree angle while sitting, then twist with the kettlebell sandbag in both hands.  


Isolating one leg with lunges while holding the kettlebell are perfect for quad strength and also your core as you will need to stabilize your abs while lunging, holding the weight. 

Shoulder Presses

Just like the one arm bicep curls, shoulder presses can be done the same way while isolating your shoulders and pressing to the sky!  I like to have two kettlebell sandbags with me so I can perform both shoulders at the same time to really intensify my workouts. 

What Makes The MT EVERFIT Kettlebell Sandbag So Great?

Honestly, the kettlebell is just another added bonus to our main fitness sandbag.  I typically will go from using the main bag and jump into some kettlebell swings and kettlebell bicep curls.  You really don’t need any other fitness product to get a full body workout. 

Thick Stitching

We triple stitched all seems to ensure that your bag will last!  We also use high quality tarpaulin nylon which is waterproof, rugged and built to withstand any workout!

Thick 5mm Foam Handles
kettlebell sandbag

Comfort while working out was a big thing for me.  Normal kettlebell handles are made of steel and are really hard on the wrists and not comfortable.  So, what we did was design our kettlebell sandbag switch thick 5mm foam that is super comfortable to grip and won’t put strain on your wrists. 

Velcro Closure To Prevent Leakage 

While rolling the kettlebell makes it so sand won’t leak out, we also added Velcro to the closure to make sure no sand will leak out on to your living room floor.  We tested this bag on over a 100 workouts and we have yet to have a leakage. 

Double Inner Lining 

If the Velcro closure wasn’t enough, we added inner lining on each kettlebell sandbag to make it virtually impossible for sand to leak.  We felt we went above and beyond to provide the best kettlebell sandbag on the market making sure your workouts are taken to the next level.

To your health,

Dan Barker