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How I Became a Fitness Blogger

What made me become a fitness blogger?
Becoming a fitness blogger was something that I did not realize would become a part of who I am today. It was just something I was passionate about and wanted to inspire others into fitness and wellness, but never something that I would pursue.

Fitness and wellness have always been something very personal to me and I was a hardcore enthusiast into becoming fit, challenging myself and achieving those small goals. It was my training on the side to satisfy me along with my studies. When you are a fitness freak outside your educational hours, it is the major thing you post about on your social media. Initially, my social media was just a place for me to be myself and keep a track of my progress as well as a record of all the innovative ideas I had implemented.

Gradually, a few people started taking interest in my journey and personally asked me about their queries and since I had worked a lot on myself, what would I suggest to them that would be the best course of action for them. No later, I noticed a steep rise in my followers as a lot of people seemed interested in what knowledge I put out there. It took me a lot of time to convince myself that I had an impact on people’s lives and what they adopt about their fitness and wellness routines. This was just the motivation and purpose that I needed to continue and pursue my dream.

After completing my formal education, to opt for the field of fitness to prove myself to be more knowledgeable and competitive in this area of expertise, I started training and fitness courses to complete my qualification and certification to be able to assist others. Through my blog, I can now provide people with authentic guidance and information not only about the home workouts (with and without equipment like sandbags, dumbbells, resistance bands etc.) but also suggest the gym workouts.

Finding the motivation to become a fitness blogger
My online blog for fitness guiding my followers regarding the different course of actions that they can take, the pros and cons of every meal or exercise, is a very rewarding experience for me. Since, from a very early age, I had been focused and adamant to achieve anything that I was passionate about and working hard made it possible. Sticking to your routine and plan to adopt from the blog is essential for effective results.

Regardless of the competition in the fitness industry, with everyone aiming to achieve more than the other, I consider fitness blogging as a shared experience for my clients and a learning source for myself. I admire people when they give me additional advice regarding the content in my blogs because every day, I, too am learning something new. Other bloggers are my inspiration and my friends and family, my motivation when I am low on energy. A healthy relationship with other bloggers helps you to push each other up.

People view me as their coach and influencer which is why it is my duty to my clients to be true to what I guide them with. Staying fit does not come with any shortcuts; putting in the effort is the key which is exactly what I guide my clients with.

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