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HIIT Exercises Using Fitness Sandbags

I am sure you have heard of the newest craze, high intensity interval training.  Well, there is a good reason because they actually work!  

Having worked out basically my entire life (35 years, however I wasn’t working out when I was a baby) I have done every single workout you could imagine.  & where did I see my biggest results?  Yep, HIIIT!  Why?  Because it really pushes your body to the limit, burning more calories in one workout session than a normal cardio session.  

What Type Of HIIT Workouts Can I Do With Sandbags?

  • Sandbag Circuit Training
  • Jump Rope In Between
  • Sprints In Between
  • Battle Ropes
  • Squats & Lunches

However, there are a few things to look out for when getting into HIIT.  

  • Don't Over Do It - HIIT using fitness sandbags can be mentally and physically exhausting.  It will burn a lot more calories meaning you might need to even eat more in order to recover.  So, listen to your body and take breaks when needed.  
  • Get The Right Gear - Make sure you have the right fitness sandbag with enough wait to put on some muscle but also the right HIIIT gear such as jump ropes, battle ropes, good running shoes and knee braces if needed.  The right great will make a major difference in the effectiveness of your workouts. 
  • Make Sure You Eat Enough Protein - Burning more calories and breaking down your muscles will require you to eat more calories and more protein.  Typically, I suggest taking in about 1 gram of protein per bodyweight.  Some suggest more and some suggest less.  But I think aiming for 1 gram per pound should be sufficient.
  • Stretch To Avoid Injuries - This is crucial to avoiding any injuries!  I stretch every single day and haven’t been injured in years, knock on wood.  Every morning I stretch for 10 minutes.  That is all it really takes.  Use some good dynamic stretches to avoid any strains and pulled muscles. 
  •  Mix It Up - Try not to do the same routine everyday to avoid injuries.  One day lift heavy and the next lift light.  Or one day do some high intensity interval training and the next day do some heavy lifting.  Remember to focus on different muscle groups or hit some muscles harder than others each day if you are doing a full boy HIIT workout. 

This type of training can become daunting very fast.  It is so hard on you mentally and physically and your brain will come up with reasons to give it up.  And if you don’t know a lot of different workouts, you might get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. 

This is coming from someone who has tried every single workout imaginable.  I have seen more results using my fitness sandbag for HIIIT than any other fitness program.  And no I am not just saying that because I own MT EVERFIT, I am saying it because I truly believe it.

To your health,

Dan Barker