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Favorite Things of being a Fitness Blogger

Being an accomplished fitness blogger is no easy feat. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Hell, it took up a lot of time and effort to establish myself; countless failures and moments of despair. At one point when I quit my regular job to make this a regular thing, money became very thin and I considered quitting and just going back to a low-risk regular job.

But now that I look at where I stand, I am proud that I persevered, and now this profession has come up with its perks in my life. If you’re an aspiring fitness blogger, I’d like to tell you about the perks that I now enjoy. It takes a lot of effort and perseverance, but there’s a lot to look forward to.

⦁ Networking
I can say, over the years of my progress, I have expanded my professional network. I’ve come in contact with numerous people, most of them being high-profile celebrities over the years and they’ve helped me learn and grow. They’ve helped my blog grow, and have become clients over the years. I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities because of this, and my career would be never have gotten anywhere without my network.

⦁ Career Freedom
I am doing work that I love, and it gives me a lot of contentment. I am not stuck in a job that I’m unhappy doing. With this blog, I work on my own terms, at my own time, and my own convenience. Plus, my lifestyle revolves around fitness, therefore I always find time to keep fit and show my audience.

⦁ Branding
With an increasing outreach, brands also came rushing in to have their products advertised. I receive a lot of new products for testing, and then I write down about them. Branding not only brings in considerable money, but it brings the opportunity of experiencing a product beforehand. I remember I was able to test the Apple Watch before it was released on the market, and the geek in me was overjoyed! My gym is filled with many new workout products, and I have collected all the gear for my workouts by this.

⦁ Sponsors
Oftentimes, sponsors come in handy as they ask to design campaigns. What I love about it is the creative freedom that comes with it. I do make videos for my blog, and it’s just wonderful to take out those products for a test. Designing campaigns allow me to travel, and it’s just wonderful travelling for work. It also brings in some marketing experience and keeps my blog going.

Well, all in all, it is an intriguing experience to be a fitness blogger as I get to learn a lot about the various workouts, fitness regimes and equipment. Besides, I can now advise people about their workout routines and it feels good when I help people finding it hard to start their fitness journey. It is very satisfying indeed.


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