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Celebrity Trainers to Inspire You


Feeling uninspired? Unmotivated to get those fitness goals? All of those fitness fanatics you see out there were where you are at some point in their journey. But the question remains; how did they get out of that slump? The answer is simple: inspiration.

For every hobby or task that we take up, we need that someone in our life who will push us past that finish line and on to the next goal. We need that someone to keep us hungry to achieve more; to achieve excellence. They can be there to actively guide you, or have their stories passively inspire you so deeply. This post will cover a few trainers, who may just be the reason for you to push yourself towards excellence.

  1. Ross Dickerson: He is a US-based gym trainer. According to him, he was unsure of what he wanted to achieve in life until he found the way leading to the gym. Since then, he has regularly been exercising and he has never looked back. Today he has about 2 million people looking for workouts on his Instagram page, making him one of the top celebrity trainers.
  2. Justin Gelband: He is a top trainer, particularly for women who aspire to become models. He regularly posts his workouts on Instagram. If you want to see how to reach the fitness level of supermodels, then this guy is the one for you. You’ll be looking like one in no time. His following on social media makes him one of the top celebrity models there are out there.
  • Nick Mitchell: He is the founder of UP Fitness, and has worked hard to make it one of the most successful fitness studios in Manchester. His personal training studios are very popular around the globe and houses many other personal trainers. His ascent from a personal trainer to the CEO of such a large business certainly gives him a spot in the celebrity trainers area.
  1. Aaron Williamson: Imagine being the Rock’s personal trainer! This guy was it, and if that doesn’t put him on the celebrity list, I don’t know what will. This guy has a team of professionals working for him, and you can purchase fitness advice from them. They can be contacted on Skype, and they will give you the right advice on your needed diet and the amount of workout you need to be doing!
  2. Alexia Clark: Her varying workouts certainly make her unique, and her following numbers on Instagram stand testament to that fact. She switches up her routine to different exercises and uses a large variety of equipment. If you want to bring variety from the regular weights in exercises, then our fitness workout sandbags are the thing for you. You will surely be able to vary your exercise routine like Alexia.

These are some celebrity trainers that you can seek inspiration from. Remember, it’s okay to feel lost, but doing nothing to remedy that is criminal. Stay motivated, stay fit and you’ll see productive days effortlessly.