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Cardio Exercises to Try at Home

Cardiovascular exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate. They are an important part of your health, fitness, and wellbeing. They will help to maintain your cardiovascular health and burn off excess calories and fat in the process.

But that doesn’t mean you need lots of equipment or have to spend hours at the gym for cardio exercises. Instead, you can implement effective cardio exercises at home to work on your body.

To get started, here are the best cardio exercises to try at home, even if you have only a small space and a few pieces of equipment. Read on.

  1. Burpees Exercise

Burpees exercise is a great no-equipment cardio exercise that also requires a small space – this makes it a perfect exercise to try at home. Burpees exercise can help you to burn over 100 calories within just 10mins. However, you must start slow till your resistance increases to avoid injury. Click here to watch how to do the burpees exercise.

  1. Jump Rope (Skipping)

Though skipping is a popular kids’ game, it’s an effective cardio exercise for everyone and often used for cross-training by most athletes. Skipping can be done almost anywhere with just a skipping rope (jump rope). Skipping for just 20mins will enable you to burn about 220 calories.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Just like skipping, jumping jacks will also bring back your childhood’s experience. Doing jumping jacks for full 10mins can burn about 100 calories just like the burpees exercise.

Jumping jacks require no equipment and can be done anywhere at any time. In case you’ve forgotten what jumping jacks are, the picture below would refresh your memory.

  1. Squat Jump

Squat jumping with fitness sandbags is another great cardio exercise with high impact, especially on your knees. Just as its name depicts, you get into a squat position, jump up as high as you can, and then land back in the squat position. You need to be careful when doing squat jumping, especially if you have a knee injury or you’re a beginner.

  1. Running the Stairs

Running the stairs is a great cardio exercise for those who have some stairs at home. While this exercise looks rather simple, it’ll help you to build more power and strength in your lower body as well as increase the rate of your heart pump.

You can add this exercise to your HIIT workout plans, where you’ll be alternating between a regular stair run speed and a higher stair run speed to burn more calories. You may need very good workout shoes and if you don’t have some stairs at home, you can get for yourself a special stepping stool for exercising.

  1. Jogging in Place

This is the last cardio exercise on our list to try at home. You don’t need to visit the gym or use the treadmill to get the benefits of jogging. You can simply jog in place at home and still enjoy the same benefits.

However, if you find jogging in place for a long time boring, you can include other exercises like skipping, burpees, or strength training for complete cardio circuit training.


Cardio exercises are an essential component of your fitness, wellness, and overall health. You can try any of the cardio exercises above at home to enjoy its benefits. You can start slowly with just one of them or you can combine them if possible.

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