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Best Fitness Magazines to Read


In this day and age, magazines have served as important mediums for starting trends, bringing new information to light etc. Unlike newspapers, they have images that stimulate interest, grab the reader’s attention so that there is more content consumption. They feature interesting facts, new trends, discoveries to keep their readers engaged. Even current affairs printed in magazines have more appeal to the youth than reading it from newspapers, where there is just bland reporting.

Fitness and health are a growing concern amongst all of us in this day and age. We are so busy in our lives that we hardly find time for ourselves. The time we do find free is spent in activities other than exercising as we are ill-informed, and we do not know how to control our diet ourselves. Most of us remain unaware of the nutrients that are beneficial for us and the ones that are detrimental to our health.

This article looks to bring to your notice the widely accepted fitness magazines so that you can make better-informed decisions about your health, and look for suitable solutions to your health woes.

  1. Top Fitness Magazine: This is an online magazine for people who like to keep in touch with their health. It imparts knowledge on various topics for people conscious about their health. They have a real-world approach to health, fitness and nutrition which they say is their USP. They aim to make workouts conform to your requirements. If you’re looking for tailored workouts, this is the place to be. For weight training, consider getting fitness workout sandbags. They don’t wear out like your conventional gym equipment.
  2. Muscle and Fitness: This is also an online magazine, that aims to bring workouts and nutrition tailored to your needs. It reviews new fitness equipment and also dives into the lifestyles of your favorite celebrities and athletes. They also cover their lives and their fitness routines.
  • Experience Life: This magazine sheds light on fitness from a completely different perspective. It focuses on the mistakes and wrong habits that you’ve adopted in your daily life and helps you change your outlook. It encourages you to adopt healthy eating habits, drinking habits, sleeping habits and most importantly, exercises according to your available time in your normal routine. Overall, it aims to create a wholesome life with health for all households.
  1. Strong Fitness Magazine: Again, this magazine is another example of a dynamic one, where they focus on overall development. They regularly give you lifestyle advice, which ranges from exercise, diet, supplements, and your habits.
  2. Faith and Fitness: It is a magazine that connects faith and fitness. It helps you connect to nature via your activities and helps you spiritually and physically.

While you are going through the literature about Fitness and workout, you need to keep up your spirits to make it work for you in the real sense of the word. Yes, you cannot achieve your goals just by reading stuff, you have to stand up and start working out too.