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7 Workouts to Help You Gain Weight

Being a teenager can be tough for some. These are the days where you can eat all you want with no regrets and no shame. For most, these years are the years where you boast a very fast metabolism. But this fast metabolism can be problematic for some. No matter how much they eat, they still remain their old skinny selves. They try to gain weight by increasing their diet, but to no avail.
How do they address their weight issue? What if I were to tell you that exercise is the solution to this problem also. Hold on, I know what you’re thinking; we usually exercise to lose fit and become fit. I’m here to tell you that exercise and diet are also responsible to help you gain weight and become fit.
You see, when you’re a skinny, underweight person, you lack fat and protein in the form of muscle to make up for your weight. Exercise helps you gain that weight in the form of muscle mass. Let’s see what exercises you can do to gain that muscle mass. We’ll first look at the simple exercises you can do at home.
⦁ Squats: This exercise is very beneficial in developing your glutes. Bodyweight squats are very beneficial, and you don’t need extra equipment to help you do this. All you have to do is move with the right technique, and you’ll be developing muscle in no time. Remember, consistency is key.
⦁ Push-ups: If you want to develop upper body muscle and tone up your upper body image, there’s no better way than to start with push-ups. It is recommended that you start with your body weight and then add on steadily to that.
⦁ Abdominal Exercises: These exercises target the area of your core. Exercises like planks, sit-ups etc. harden those muscles and fine tone your abdominal shape. Your body will not only start to become lean, but it will also help you gain that muscle mass.
⦁ Chin-Ups: This exercise requires you to pull yourself up on a bar. Essentially, you’re pulling up your complete bodyweight. With this exercise, you build your bicep muscles and your shoulder muscles. It also strengthens your back, adding a lot of muscle to it.
⦁ Weight training: After trying all the simple exercise, you can try out weight training. Lifting weights stimulates muscle growth, and gradually increasing weight increases your muscle mass, meaning you gain more weight.
⦁ Running: Of course, among all these, running is also very beneficial. It helps you cut down on the useless fat in your body, and converts it to muscle. It develops strength and muscles in your legs, especially if you run on areas with gradients.
⦁ Cycling: Again, like running it also stimulates a lot of muscle growth, especially in the thigh area. Cycling uphill is tough, but one of the best ways to help your stamina and muscles grow.
With these exercises, just remember, you must also keep your diet in check. If you burn more than you eat, then there is no use for these exercises. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise well!