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7 Low-Impact Ways to Stay Fit

When you reach a certain age or face a certain injury, your body is not able to cope with the stress that it was once able to. Before these factors kicked in, you might have been running 10km a day, and swimming after. But now, after your injury or because of the wear in your body to due old age, you cannot even fathom doing such extreme exercises. But at this point in your life, the question still hangs in balance: now what?
How do you maintain that level of fitness that you’ve worked so hard over the years to achieve? Is all lost now? Fortunately for you, we are bringing a few exercises that will help stay in tip-top shape without also subjecting your body to too much stress.  Check out our fitness sandbags here. 
⦁ Aqua classes: This is the best low-impact exercise for handicapped fitness freaks. You can achieve a variety of things from this class; build muscle, lose weight or just getting fit. You exercise movements in water, and because of the buoyancy, there is very little stress on your body. However, working against the resistance of water also gives a lot of work for your muscles to do, making it a very effective exercise.
⦁ Badminton: Playing badminton competitively requires a different level of extreme training. However, if you’re just looking to stay fit via sports, then this is the game for you. It’s an easy sport to pick up and will improve your movement overall.
⦁ Body Balance: Body balance mixes tai chi, Pilates and yoga. You learn certain positions that are not very stressful to your body movements but open up your muscles for better mobility. It also improves balance and challenges your mind as well.
⦁ Golf: Golf is a tough game to play, and is all about technique. But the technique and movement involved in the game are not stressful to the joints and muscles. Unless you’re applying a lot of force to your shot, there is very little chance of facing injury. The walk in-between the shots also serve to be very effective.
⦁ Swimming: Swimming is the ideal exercise for people looking for low-impact exercises. Movement for the different strokes stimulate muscle movement, and of course, like aqua, there is not much stress on your joints and muscles. It is a complete body workout.
⦁ Yoga: Yoga is a slow-paced group exercise, and the movements that you practice, are not only low-stress but improve posture, flexibility and joint strength. They are perfect exercises to be active yet also do not stress the muscle to the point of pain.
⦁ Cycling: Cycling is also a brilliant exercise. It gets your heart rate going, which helps you lose weight. It also doesn’t put stress on your hips and joints, which is perfect, and the best way to keep your legs moving.
Well, whichever activity you choose, you need to stay focused and concentrate on your progress so that you achieve your goal…slowly but surely!