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7 Fitness Experts to Look Out for On YouTube

In this day and age, the age of handheld information, workouts have been conveniently brought to the comfort of our homes. Technology and enormous progress in sport sciences have enabled us to exercise our body right in our bedrooms, living rooms or in any other area of the house. No need to spend extravagant amounts on a gym membership, and then money on the fuel burned to get there. Now good and informed trainers are available to you in your palm.
Nowadays, YouTube is the platform to get comprehensive workouts from. But if you’ll search for a certain workout and workout equipment, you’ll find a plethora of videos on the same workouts. This essay aims to bring forward the most acclaimed experts to you.

⦁ Yoga with Adriene: Boasting 6.11M subscribers, and 511M views, it is one of the most successful fitness and yoga channel on the platform. Regardless of your level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find high-quality exercise videos and lots of information about what you’re doing. The channel features different yoga series tailored for people with different goals they want to achieve via yoga.

⦁ FitnessBlender: This page is run by husband and wife, Daniel and Kelli, and we can see what a great team they make. They have accumulated over 5.9M subscribers and 1B views. Wow! Their channel has more than 600 videos that cater to all fitness levels, and also offer unbiased nutrition and health information. With workouts of varying intensities, it can be safely said that there are workouts for all sorts of people looking to get fit.

⦁ Blogilates: This channel is run by certified expert Cassey Ho, who offers complete POP pilate and boot camp sculpting workouts. She has 4.81M subscribers with over 700M total views. Apart from her workouts, she offers very useful workout calendars along with lifestyle advice.

⦁ POPSUGAR: This is another YouTube channel that has garnered over 3.5M subscribers and has 496M views over 10 years. This channel is run by fitness enthusiast Anna Renderer. This channel aims to bring fitness and stress relief to the comfort of your home.

⦁ ScottHermanFitness: As the name suggests, this page is run by Scott Herman. He has gathered about 2.3M subscribers and over 440M views. His workouts focus on muscle gain. He regularly posts videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week to keep his audience engaged.

⦁ Bradley Martyn: This guy has 2.33M subscribers on his channel and a total of 335M views. He posts videos five times a week, videos that cover topics from the best exercise to your shoulder, to your recommended grocery items for the week. If fitness and muscle training is your thing, then this channel is the place for you to be.

⦁ The Fitness Marshall: This channel is run by Caleb Marshall who’s considered a revolutionary fitness influencer. He has 2.27M following him. He posts dance videos that focus on cardiovascular health and makes them fun for you to practice.