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5 Training Programs for Weight Gain

Do you want to gain some weight? You may want to gain weight if you weigh less than the healthy weight for your height (underweight) or to build muscle. Just as some workout training programs can help you lose weight, some can help you gain weight – in a healthy way, especially if you’re underweight. To gain more weight, here are five training programs for weight gain you can consider:

  1. Daily Squats Program

Daily squats program is an interesting home-based weight gain that’s based on squats – though it can be performed at the gym or in groups. Better if you’ve got an instructor.

For this training program, all you’ve got to do is perform as many squats as possible every morning. For a start, you can perform 10 squats sets and as your resistance increases, you can gradually increase the number.

Don’t forget to keep your back straight while performing squats because performing squats incorrectly can damage your back.

  1. Lunges and Pushups Programs

Depending on your level of experience with this workout, lunges can either be very simple or very complex. The same goes for pushups. You would decide the speed and intensity of lunges and pushup exercises you want to do.

However, one thing is certain, the more you indulge in both pushups and lunges daily, the more they will help you to gain weight. Also, try as much as possible not to rush when you do your pushups and focus on your body weight.

  1. Jogging Exercise Program

If you can’t swim, then you can try jogging to gain weight. You can start by jogging over a small distance and maintaining a steady breathing rhythm. This will enable your body to get used to jogging and also increase your resistance.

Jogging will improve your body’s metabolism and enhance your cardiovascular system. It will also help your body digest heavy food easily and to gain muscle. Just try as much as possible to jog with the right and quality running shoes.

  1. A Swimming Program

If you’re a good swimmer, you can make a workout training program out of your swimming hobby for weight gain. Swimming can help you lose weight (fat) and gain weight (muscle). To gain weight with swimming, all you have to do is swim regularly and diligently.

Mind you, swimming may increase your appetite and you might consume more food during the swimming program.

  1. Aerobic Workout Program

The aerobic workout program is extremely fun and efficient to help you gain some weight in a healthy way. Aerobic workout is best performed in an organized group or at a gym.

The aerobic workout is based on inhaling and exhaling rather than on intensity, so it will stimulate your body’s metabolism. It’ll also help you to gain weight slowly. Just like swimming, aerobic workouts will increase your appetite and make you eat more.


The listed training programs above are based on a certain type of workouts but if you feel it’s possible, you can combine them. Most of these programs will increase your appetite and make you eat more. Just make sure you eat healthy foods and stay away from sweets and junk foods.