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5 Differences between Professional Fitness and Fitness for Fun

Fitness must be an integral part of our life, as it controls productivity in most parts of our lives. There is a certain level of fitness that we all must meet to lead healthy lives. However, people use different routes to maintain that level. Some dedicated enthusiast takes it a step further and achieves what others dream of. Those who cannot join a gym may opt for the home workout using various tools like dumbbells, wheel rollers, sandbag. Today we’ll be critically looking at the differences that distinguish a professional fitness enthusiast from an ordinary one.

⦁ Dietary plans
People who take up some fitness regime for fun, usually don’t focus a lot on their diet. They don’t monitor their intake of nutrients, even if they switch to healthier eating options.

A pro on the other hand will carefully monitor his diet, up to the point that every intake is calculated against the calories that he has burned. They aim to achieve a certain level of fitness, to maintain their muscle mass or increase it, and they must control their diet according to that.

⦁ Supplements
A pro fitness enthusiast will always take supplements to meet the exact amount of nutrients needed to reach the aspired fitness level. Natural diets contain other unneeded for them as well, so supplements provide the solely required nutrients. A person taking up fitness for fun will always opt for healthy food, but not be bothered about the exact diet needed.

⦁ Training
Professional fitness enthusiasts are very committed to building muscles dedicatedly, to improve a certain muscle for better function. They will dedicatedly train for that, focusing on isolated movements.
An enthusiast who just trains for fun will take up various activities, not dedicated fitness practices for isolated muscle development. Their activities vary a lot, and they usually don’t stick to one activity.

⦁ Commitments
Pro fitness means dedicating your entire your self to the cause. This means your life will singularly revolve around your goal. Your other commitments will take a backseat, and will be tailored around your exercise regime. Even your food consumption at parties will be very monitored, and your discipline will not let you indulge yourself.

However, a regular fitness enthusiast will always keep his workouts flexible. Keeping healthy for such individuals is important, but it does not center around their other activities. They always make room for their commitments. Their workouts are scheduled around their other commitments.

⦁ Mind vs Heart
A regular fitness enthusiast will always do what he/she will enjoy. They will go with their instinct, or in other terms, where their heart leads to them. They don’t have dedicated exercises for certain days and just go with doing whatever they feel like.

A pro, however, has a dedicated schedule for his/her workouts. They know what they need to do, and follow that regime strictly. They will dedicatedly work out for a certain muscle i.e.: leg day, chest day etc.

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