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15 Exercises for Reduced Mobility

How to stay fit when your mobility is reduced? Sadly, many of us will face reduced mobility during our lives. For some individuals, it may come as a result of chronic pain, disability or illness. For others, lessened mobility is just a symptom of old age.

However, we all know that a proper diet, positive lifestyle activities, and regular exercise will surely help improve our overall mental and physical wellbeing.
Here we have compiled the 5 best exercises for reduced mobility.
Aerobics (Low Impact) – for legs

Aerobic workouts like stretching and strength training can feel overwhelming if you have reduced mobility. But low impact workouts can be great for building muscles and preventing stiff joints and improving heart health.
One of the best exercises in this type is “Chair Stand”. To do this exercise, you need to stand up and sit back again from an ordinary chair (with arms). You can do 10 repetitions at a time. While you focus on the movement you may control some muscle groups. You can also use your hands if required.
Bicep Curls – for arms

Begin with the elbows by your sides and the arm out (palm upwards) with a small half-full water bottle or a can of food in your fist. Then gently “curl” by pulling the hand up towards the shoulder and lower back it down again. Make sure to not move your elbow.

Ceiling Stretch – for backs
This is a simple exercise which you can do while doing something else like watching TV. To begin clasp together both hands, stretch the arms up towards the ceiling, push the palms outside, and then gently bend yourself from your waist (keep the arms straight) and point your palms to one side of your room, then return to the centre and move to the other side.

Hand Stretch – for fingers
To begin spread your fingers wide and then make a fist shape. Continue to do so repeatedly in a stretching and squeezing pattern. Some people may like a foam shape for squeezing. These simple movements release stress in the arms and hands while also reduces anxiety because of the comfortable sensation of these recurring movements.

Chair Boxing – for heart
“Punching” the air (without or with weights) is a simple workout that you can do while seated in a chair, in case standing is hard for you. When you repeat this exercise it creates a “cardio” movement that raises your heart beat, gets your blood flowing and your body sweating. All of these are essential to keep your heart strong and healthy.

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The important thing in this workout is to add as much speed as possible, but be easy on joints and do not fully extend the elbow while you punch. You can repeat the jabbing motion from 10 – 30 reps. If you are feeling strong, you can change the motion by jabbing toward the roof for another 10 – 30 reps.

There you go. The listed above exercises are great for a start for people with limited mobility. However, before committing any exercise make sure to consult your doctor and confirm that you’re in good condition for exercising.