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10 Workout Exercises For Couples

It is the right time that you not only consider your physical fitness but also the health and wellbeing of your romantic relationship. Yes, you heard that right, couples who workout together, stay together. So why not grab your partner’s hand and enjoy your workout together for the rest of your lives. Working out together will immensely increase the happiness level in the relationship while you will be more in love with your partner and will feel more satisfied. You can share a fitness strategy that suits both of you and you can even have a date at the gym. Isn’t it so romantic!

Working out together will improve the efficiency of your workout which in turn will benefit you. The presence of your partner will boost your strengths and take your energy outputs to a whole new level. It will also help you two to mend your emotional bond. You will try to sync in with your partner by keeping up to his or her pace while running or even lifting the same amount of weights thus creating nonverbal understanding. So why not share these moments of your life with your partner and give your relationship a whole new direction.

Best Workouts For Couples

Squat Hold & Dips

This is the type of exercise you both can perform outside your home as well, even at the office! One of you can stretch out your legs and the other holds them for you. Then place your hands on a chair or a table and simply perform reps of those dips.

Partner Wall-Sits

Just squat and lean on the wall with 3 feet apart. Challenge your strength and set a timer. Keep on leaning until one of you gives up and looser might make you dinner.

The "Mirror Me" Workout

The mirror me workout is basically pushups where both of you have to maintain eye contact with each other. Start by getting along in a pushup posture then one of you start doing the pushups while the other hold their position. After he or she is done, then it is your turn to start pushups.


Experts say that running with a partner is always healthier. You can make long decent runs by talking about your daily life matters with each other hence burning more calories each day. You can keep company with your partner and work on your body shape as well. Well, running with a sandbag will surely make it more fun for both of you.

Pushups On Your Back

If you are really strong enough to hold your partner at your back and perform a pushup then this workout is a great one for you. This is for all the couples in need of building a huge body and are some fitness freaks.

Side Plank Pass

In this exercise, both of you plank on the same side and then pass a water bottle to your partner at an equal interval of time.

Along with these super workouts, couples can also perform:

  • Double Trouble
  • Leg-Throw Down
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Partner Twist
  • Reach And Touch Plank
  • Split Lunges
  • Wheelbarrow-Squat

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