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10 Home Workout Routines For Beginners

As a beginner, working out can give you the motivation to change, organize your time and make better use of your resources to make the best of your life. Working out on a daily basis can help you gain muscles, maintain your weight and body shape and strengthen your body.  Regular exercises can help you prevent many health problems and concerns such as strokes, depression, anxiety and metabolic syndrome. It can even slow your aging process and help boost your mental health.

Here we’ve listed 10 home workout routines for beginners.

Low Impact Cardio

This workout is perfect for all the muscles of your body and it will slowly build your:

  • Cardio endurance
  • Coordination between your body muscles
  • Control of your body
  • Flexibility

Chest Workout

Chest workouts are really important for beginners. They enhance your pectoral muscles and give your body a very beautiful shape if trained perfectly. These exercises will help you:

  • Improve your posture
  • Breath better
  • Give support to your breasts by building a muscle around the breast tissue
  • In your everyday perks such as holding, lifting and squeezing.

Back Exercises

Your back contains very important muscles of your body which supports spine and posture. These muscles are essential to almost everything you do on daily basis. Their benefits are:

  • Prevent back pain and strengthen it
  • Keep the entire body intact and strong
  • Enhance your movements with lower back
  • Helps to maintain a better back posture


These are some of the hardest workouts out there. But once mastered, there is no going back. Building these muscles is an indication of the strongest core.

  • If you are into sports, abs training will boost your performance quite a lot
  • Along with the back exercises, abs workout also prevent back pain and injuries
  • They will help you breathe better
  • Helps to burn your body fats

Legs Workout

Leg muscles are the most used muscles in your body as you use them every time. Legs exercises give your lower body the strength it needs:

  • By engaging your major muscle group
  • By helping you lose weight from your body
  • By building more muscles
  • By giving your body a balanced and symmetrical shape


Shoulders are used whenever you workout for your chest or your back with equipment like sandbags. Shoulder workouts can:

  • Make your arm movement smoother
  • Make your shoulders strong to prevent injuries doing other workouts
  • Make you look like a bodybuilder

Biceps / Triceps

Who does not love big arms? These are the most noticeable muscle of your body and are very attractive. Making biceps & triceps can:

  • Help you burn more calories
  • Build your arm size and increase its strength
  • Help you develop hip and core stability
  • Increase bone strength

Full Body Workout

This workout assists you to stay healthy and in shape. It will build visual physical fitness and:

  • Strengthens your core
  • Prevent effects such as diabetes and heart attacks
  • It will help you remain happy