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10 Fitness Products You Don’t Need to Buy

There are a lot of supplies available at your home which you could use for your workout sessions. They will just work perfectly to set you on a journey to being healthy and fit. After careful modifications, the list is shortened and the items are described below:

  1. Gliding Discs: They help reduce the friction between the floor and your foot. A home alternative could be a paper plate just working perfectly for your lunges. Be careful as it could be difficult for a first-time user.
  2. Dumbbell: The dumbbells are used to strengthen the hand muscles and the perfect alternative to it is a gallon water bottle. Tighten up the bottle caps and use them as your dumbbell with the benefit of its handy grip.
  3. Suspension Trainer: The suspension trainer helps perform pull-ups and push-ups. Take a rope and tie hard knots over a tree and here you have successfully saved a few bucks.
  4. Balance tools: They are useful in providing instability to exercises for better concentration. Replace it with your sofa cushion and see the difference after performing a few sets of exercises.
  5. Weighted Vest: This usually provides additional weight when performing workout exercises. Dig in your backyard, find a sturdy bag and stack it up with old books. It will work out the same and would be best to use for squats and lunges.
  6. Battle Rope:  Find a long heavy chain in your backyard and make it to use for your workout. Tie it to a tree, watch some tutorials and start swinging the chain!
  7. Barbell: Probably you would find a PVC pipe at your home, all you need to do is stuff it up with water or sand and seal both ends. Use it accordingly and work out hard!
  8. Medicine Ball: This is an additional weight need to carried when working out. Replace it with a heavy book and it would work just perfectly fine for you.
  9. Yoga Mats: They are an essential part of your exercises and could be swapped by beach towels. Beware, if you are working on a slippery surface, fold the towel and use it for your purpose.
  10. Lightweight Dumbells: They are purposely used for barre workouts involving the use of feather-light dumbbells. Replacing it with beer bottles would save you few bucks and the bottles are handy too.

The home already has a dozen products that could be accessed and transformed into your workout gear. The article listed a few possibilities but what if you get to do every workout with a single purchase? Confused? We have the answer to what you are looking for. Displaying a sandbag capable of working as an alternative to your gear. It has a kettlebell sandbag with adjustable weight and works perfectly for any workout! The pros are you don’t need to invest in any gear as well as the kettlebell could be refilled from your neighborhood park. At last, it is your motivation that will pave the way for a healthy you.