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10 Fitness Experts to Follow on Instagram

Our elders, or more popularly referred to as “boomers” by this current generation, always complain that we are addicted to our smartphones and social media, and it is negatively impacting our lives.

As you’ll observe, most of these concerns are about the fitness of the youth. What if I told you that addiction to social media isn’t necessarily a bad thing? If you follow the right people, then you’re getting addicted to it for all the right reasons!

Here are a few fitness experts on Instagram who may change this unhealthy trend of social media addiction and motivate you to go out there to get some exercise.

  1. Michelle Lewin: She is one of the fastest-growing influencers on social media. She went from being a clinic worker to a fitness expert. She is said to be very approachable and has a huge following. She has her line of supplements and also runs two apps to guide you achieve your fitness goals. She posts exercise videos regularly to motivate her followers to get out there and get some exercise.
  2. Luke Worthington: A former athlete, he is now a sports scientist with great knowledge of the workings of the human body. His Instagram posts are both motivational and informative for people of all fitness levels looking for beneficial exercises.
  • Tally Rye: She has a unique approach to fitness. She believes in exercise for the sole purpose of better mental and physical outcome. She does not believe in diet and has an exercise for all weights.
  1. Laura Hoggins: She is a strength trainer and focuses mostly on women. She believes in making muscle like herself. If you want to weigh train like her then use training fitness sandbags. Order one for yourself with ease.
  2. Jordan Syatt: He is one of the most knowledgeable trainers out there, and takes the time out to personally answer your queries amongst his many followers.
  3. Rich Tidmarsh: He has a lot of celebrities as his clients, and focuses a lot on movement and recovery as strength.
  • Bret Contreras: He has a large social media following, and with a doctorate in sports science, he can help you with your range of fitness questions.
  • James Stirling: Wherever you are, near a gym or far from it, with weight equipment or not, this guy has the right exercises for you.
  1. Nesrine Dally: She is a Nike trainer, and regularly posts her workout videos to help you stay motivated to reach your goals.
  2. Meghan Callaway: This trainer is all about pull-ups, and shares her workout videos regularly. If you want to learn the correct technique to pull yourself up the bar, then she is the person to turn to.