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  • "Fitness Sandbags

  • Designed by fitness freaks"

  • Designed by fitness freaks”

"Fitness Sandbags

Designed by fitness freaks" Learn More


Designed by fitness freaks” Learn more

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"This Workout Sandbag Lasts. I can tell you that I use it almost everyday and it has withstood my beating to it. I ditched my bands and took the leap. My workouts are more efficient & I never have to leave the comfort of my home."

- Jake D

ditch the gym & hit the sand



Bicep Curls

ketllbell swings

maximum gains comes

in 3 different sizes & multiple colors!

try our mt base sandbag

  • Holds 25-75 pounds
  • Perfect for those looking to start gaining muscle fast
  • Comes with free kettlebag, fitness poster & premium video access
Learn more

Best selling mt ridge sandbag

  • 50-125 pounds
  • Perfect for those looking to up their gains!
  • Comes with free kettlebag, fitness poster & premium video access
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big with the mt peak sandbag

  • Holds 125-200 pounds
  • Perfect for serious gains
  • Experience lifters only
  • Comes with free kettlebag, fitness poster & premium video access
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MT everfit rising stars

Jeff garvin (Father of 3)

Due to COVID i was stuck at home with the kids with no gym. And like many others out there, I didn't have the equipment to keep my workouts going. Pushups just weren't cutting it. I looked Online for the exercise sandbags and I found the MT EVERFIT. I can honestly say I'm glad because I use these fitness sandbags daily.

Lauren Urban (Trainer)

I don't know what this sandbag is made of but dam, It really does last. I have dragged this thing through the dirt and slammed it into the concrete and it still holds up. I probably shouldn't be dragging it around but hey this thing seems indestructible i love it!


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Each Fitness Sandbag Comes With 1 Kettlebag

Comes With 3 Or 4 Inner Bags

MT EVERFIT 20-60 LB Fitness Sandbag

MT EVERFIT 30-90 LB Fitness Sandbag

MT EVERFIT 60-120 LB Fitness Sandbag


Fitness Sandbags 101

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What started as a personal pursuit of getting in tha best shape of my life.Quickly turned into the perfect business venture I was sick and tired of the monthly costs and sick and tired of the same old lifting same old machines over and over again. same workout and no changes

I started looking into fitness sandbags and quickly found that I could do every single workout that i could do in the gym. But way more efficiently. I could also bring my exercise send bag anywhere! I would load it up in the back of my car and take it to the beach with my dog. to the park or take the send out and bring it on the plane with me to Costa Rica .I could also bring it place where there was no sand and simply load it up with rice.

So I bought a few workouts sandbags online and my enthusiam quickly deteriorated just as the exercise sandbags deteriorated within week of use.

So I bought a few workouts and bags online and my and cucms quickly deta just as the exercise can wear within week of use.

Browse sandbags

maximum gains comes

in 3 different sizes & multiple colors!

Why Fitness sandbags over traditional weights?

fitness sandbags

Enjoy 100’s Of Workouts

- Easy To Use

- Say Goodbye To Gym Memberships

- Get A Full Gym In One Bag

fitness sandbag workout set

Burn More Calories

- Gain Muscle & Burn Fat

- Loading & Dropsets

- Engage The Core To Balance The Sand

workout sand bags

Workout anywhere!

- Perfect For Travel

- Use Indoors Or Outdoors

- Waterproof Rugged Material Made To Withstand ANY Beating

product FEATURES
mt everfit
other fitness sandbag
1050 military grade waterproof rugged cordura material
Bartak stitching that can hold over 250 lbs
Tripple stitching
Single stitching
Double velcro to ensure sand won't leak
Easily folds for travel and storage
Comes with 3 inner bags for ease of loading and dropsets
Highest quality zipper
8 mutli-functional handles with 3mm foam for grip
3 different size options
2" jacquard seatbelt webbing with 32 rivets for reinforcement
210 inner lining on both main bag and inner bag to prevent leaks
FREE kettlebag
Money-back gaurantee

What Makes MT EVERFT Workout
Sandbags Better Than The "Others"?

Pump-up Your Workout Sessions with Sandbag Weights – Challenge your heavy-duty training beyond traditional barbells or dumbbells. Our sandbag for fitness bundle comes with 1 x Workout Equipment Bag, 1 x Sandbag Kettle, 3 x Sandbag Filler Bags for Fitness and 1 x handy “Sandbags Workout” Poster; all-in-one alternative for high-intensity conditioning & full-body strength building. By constantly shifting the center of mass, crossfit weighted bags are essential for dynamic resistance & stability.

 Enforced with 32 Metal Rivets & Triple Stitching – Strongmen, martial artists, and military choose the MT EverFit sandbag workout equipment for the long-lasting “Spartan” mix of uber-strong 2” Nylon Jacquard Seatbelt Webbing and triple-stitched seams strengthened with smooth, cool, yet tough rivets that reinforce stress points. Sandbag weights for fitness gear up tossing, gripping, hurling, and swinging with extra ballistic resistance. A must-have accessory in Judo, MMA, or tactical training.

3 x Inner Crossfit Sandbags with BONUS Kettlebag – To upgrade lifting routines, our extremely adjustable sandbags workout set includes 3 filler fitness sandbags and a FREE Sand Kettlebell Bag; available in black, brown, camo, green, khaki. Sized Small (25-75 lbs), Medium (50-125 lbs), or Large (125-200 lbs), these sheer brute-strength “buddies” are the tidy, go-to sandbags workout equipment for compound moves, sprints, load carries, drags, and throws. Build vigorous grip strength, naturally.

Multi-functional, Smart & Ergonomic Design – For more comfort, we added soft-covered zipper closure; 8 strategically-placed handles made of high-density 3mm foam simplify throwing and gripping sandbags workouts and shift the focus on full-body movements, instead of just the grip. Another huge sticking point is the well-made, leak-free construction that makes this sandbag workout bag set a handy, quick-to-load, easy-to-carry-&-store match for all levels of experience, ability, and purpose.

Enjoy a “Weight Sandbags Workout” Poster & 1 Year Warranty – Unlike flimsy, disappointing, poorly-designed crossfit sandbags for workout or sand weight bags for fitness, our powerful fully-functional brute-force fitness pack with a free sandbag kettlebag delivers years of die-hard survival to wear-and-tear; backed by a 12-month warranty. Be it at home, gym, garage, or garden, shake-up your fitness regimen with 100s of moves inspired by the “Fitness Workout Sandbags” guide. Sand NOT Included.

We give back 1%

We create MT EVERFIT to help people and we love doing it! what good is a buisness if you aren't making a positive impact in other peolple lives? That is why we decides to give 1% to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Feel good knowing that a percentage of your purchase is going to help individuals with physical challanges.

Our goal is to double that percentage in the next year as well as donate a one fitness sandbag for each purchase to help promote fitness for the physically challanged. With your help. We can make a difference together.

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frequently asked questions

It really depends on what your goals are and what strength level you are at currently. I suggest if you are just getting started, our base MT EVERFIT Sandbag will be the perfect choice as it holds 20-60 pounds and will give you the best sandbag workouts, at a fraction of the price.

Our medium sized fitness sandbag will hold 30-90 pounds of sand. It is a great option for those who want to pack on muscle and lose some weight and don't mind spending a few more bucks.

For more experience lifters, our peak Sandbag holds up to to 120 pounds and will be enough for serious gains!

Note that each sandbag comes with a FREE kettlebag.

We typically try and ship our sandbags out the same day. However, if you order after 2pm, we cannot guarantee that they will ship out that day. If we cannot ship it out that day, we will surely ship out your workout sandbag the next day.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at support@MTEVERFIT.com.

Don't worry! Our MT EVERFIT bags are super easy to use and each order will come with instructions on how to fill up your bags with sand.

We also have videos on our video resource section showing you step by step on how to use your new sandbag.

For each fitness sandbag purchase, here is what is included with your order:

- 3 filler bags (unless you order the 120 pound bag, there will be 4 filler bags).

- Main fitness sandbag

- Step by step instructions on how to use

- FREE Kettlebag ($40 value)

- 60 day money-back guarantee

- 1 year warranty

Hey, things happen! While it is rare that your MT EVERFIT Sandbag will tear, we got you covered!

Simply contact us at support@MTEVERFIT and send us images of your bag and we will ship you out a totally new workout sandbag.

Each order will come with either a 20, 40, or 60 pound kettlebag.

Small Fitness Sandbag (20-60LB) comes with 20LB kettlebag.

Medium Fitness Sandbag (30-90LB) comes with 40LB Kettlebag.

Large Fitness Sandbag (60-120LB) comes with a 60LB Kettlebag.

If you do not live by the beach, don't worry! Every local hardware store sells sand. You can also use dirt or sand from a local park (sandbox).

Got Questions?

Let’s Chat!
We are always here to chat. No matter
what it is, we got the answers and we are
standing by ready to help!

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